Thai Foot Massage

Thai Massage is system of massage and manipulation developed in Thailand and influenced by the traditional medicine systems of India, China and South East Asia. From this traditional technique, which dates back over 2,600 years, comes Thai Foot Massage.

Thai Foot Massage is a vigorous massage of both the feet and lower legs up to and including the knees. There are over 700 pressure points located in the bottom of the foot corresponding to the internal organs and systems of the body.

These points on the feet and legs are kneaded, stretched, massaged and pressed, with particular pressure from the thumbs and knuckles and also by the use of a short wooden stick.

The treatment includes working on Sen lines which are the equivalent of the Chinese Meridian (or energy) lines. This ensures a whole body workout, with all the major body parts and internal organs being stimulated to release and let go of any blockages and ‘stuck’ energy.

A Thai Foot massage will help you to rebalance your body and mind, eliminate wastes and toxins from the body and invigorate you both mentally and physically.

More specifically, it will help to boost your immune system, speed up physical healing and increase your overall energy levels.

It can help to improve the circulation in your feet and legs and also help to reduce stiffness in the feet and legs and thereby help to improve mobility.

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