Patricia’s knowledge of the body, limbs, tendons, muscles and their functions comes from years of learning and therapies and her total commitment for the wellbeing of her patients is commendable.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

MLD is a specialist treatment which is designed to attain and sustain proper functioning of the lymphatic system through performing gentle movements on the skin.

HIVAMAT© 200 Deep Oscillation

The unique features of DEEP OSCILLATION® treatment help to stimulate stagnating chronic healing processes, stimulating transportation of interstitial liquids.

Massage Therapy

Massage, the use of touch, is perhaps one of the oldest, most natural and instinctive forms of expressing nurture. It comes in many forms.


Aromatherapy Massage is the therapeutic use of essential oils to work on every level to cleanse the body of toxins – balancing the mind and senses.

Indian Head Massage

Massage has always played an important part in Indian life, featuring in the earliest Ayurvedic texts which date back over 5,000 years.

Thai Foot Massage

A system of massage and bodily manipulation developed in Thailand and influenced by the traditional medicine systems of India, China and South East Asia.

Hopi Ear Candling

Hopi Ear Candles are hollow tubes traditionally made from organically grown flax, beeswax and herbs. Candles are lit to activate a chimney principle which draws out excess wax.


Reiki is the energy that surrounds us all. It is the energy that helps us to grow and to flourish. The word is made up of ‘Rei’, meaning Universal, and ‘Ki’, meaning Life Force Energy.

Maderoterapia (Wood Therapy)

Wood therapy is a massage technique that utilises anatomically-designed wooden instruments, such as rolling pins and vacuum-suction cups, to break down fat and cellulite.

Acupressure with Meridian Massage

Acupressure, with Meridian Massage, combines elements of classical Chinese medical theory with both Western and Chinese massage techniques.

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