Acupressure with Meridian Massage

Chinese Classical medicine has its roots in Taoism; the main philosophy of ancient China about 5,000 years ago. In Chinese medicine, Qi (pronounced chee) is the energy of life. Qi flows through the body through meridians (channels). Located in anatomically precise lines throughout the body and attached to organs, meridians cannot be seen.

Qi is stored, transformed and released by organs. To access the Qi, we use acupoints. These points can be found in anatomical places along a meridian where they can be treated or contacted in order to help Qi return to its balanced flow. As long as Qi is plentiful and flowing through all the meridians, life will be balanced and harmonious.

In this treatment, Meridian Massage, drawn from the ancient tradition of classical Chinese massage, is applied in the context of our modern Western world. It is a combination of elements of classic Chinese medical theory and Western and Chinese massage techniques. 

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